April 12, 2024


Credit: Kylie Cooper, The Daily Pennsylvanian


Philadelphia is a city with so many things to do. There are countless possibilities and fascinating features to explore. As you travel through the city and its surrounding areas, you’ll see the diverse culture with one thing in common! We love Philly!

The city is filled with US History and you will find interesting establishments that will leave you marveling. Here are some of the most unforgettable travel destinations to experience when you get to Philadelphia. They are arranged in no particular order. Experience them personally and tell Big Phillly Fan what you think.

Reading Terminal Market

Reading Terminal Market is nothing close to what you may think it is. The terminal indeed is busy and so is the array of food stores available to you. Here you can enjoy local delicacies from pretzels to cheesesteak sandwiches. This is not a tourist attraction. It is a place where tourists can see how Philly folks deal with the hustle and tussle of a wonderful Philadelphia life! Reading Terminal Market is a haven for the foodies, and you will have a good time! Go ahead and stop by for a bite. When you do, Big Philly Fan recommends you keep your options open and try a variety of delicious Philadelphia foods.

Museum of the American Revolution

Museum of the American Revolution will give you a trip down memory lane and a first-hand experience of the Columbus era. Studying American history just got easier with detailed imagery of artifacts. Here you will find amazing facts about the countries Founding Fathers. What a great way to experience the great American History in a day!

Please Touch Museum

If you’re wondering how to make the tour worthwhile for both you and your children, you may want to consider the Please Touch Museum as one of the most family fun learning destinations. Here, tourists are free to indulge both their visual and sensual features in interacting with the exhibits. Although it is child-oriented, it is fun and indulging even for adults.

4231 Avenue of the Republic, Philadelphia PA 19131 United States

Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens is the place where architectural landscaping and nature harmonize. Fountains, meadows, and well-tended trees beautify the vicinity and make it serene for peace-loving tourists. It is also a good escape from the busy city life you may experience in other Philadelphia destinations.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

File photo of The Philadelphia Museum of Art. Julia Hatmaker (Penn Live)

The Art Museum is definitely the place for historians. Everything about this place including the infrastructure is filled with history. There are valuable artifacts from across various art periods including the Renaissance period. Also, as an add-on bonus, taking a trip to the Art Museum will allow you to show off your best Rocky impression, but once you reach the top, you will enjoy breathtaking Philadelphia scenery just like Rocky did! Lift your arms and…

Love in Philadelphia!

Skydiving in Philadelphia

If you are looking for something more daring and fun, we invite you buckle up and get ready to experience Philadelphia Skydiving! Philly has some very good and affordable options but, if you are not ready to love Philly from the skies, there is also indoor skydiving options just up the 76 in King of Prussia!